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Top : ESD Protection

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  • Aegis Technologies Inc. - The leading manufacturer of ESD Coatings for , Test Fixtures, Clean Rooms, G10 Board, Floors and most insulative surfaces
  • Bigstone - Transparent Static Shield Bag, Moisture Vapor Barrier Packing Bag, TYVEK Moisture Barrier Bag, Static Control Table/Floor Mat
  • C&M Consulting - C&M Consulting provides ESD factory assessments,training and ESD documentation. Our quality system review will identify your program's strengths and weaknesses.
  • Credence Technologies, Inc. - Manufactures instrumentation for verification of ESD environment on all phases of ESD control. Products include real-time in-process miniature ESD Event monitors with event measurement, data collection and exchange capabilities, portable ESD Event/EMI meters for audit and diagnostics with data logging capability, precision miniature antennae for ESD/EMI investigation and electromagnetic field measurements. Tel. 831-459-7488 FAX 831-427-3513 info@credencetech.com
  • ElectroStatics - Air ionizers table top, overhead, hand held guns, meters. Table top offeers +/-5v protection.
  • KOSTAT - ESD , EMI, compound and anti static total solution
  • Shin Han Tech Editor's Pick - Statitic Dissipative Panel, Static Elelctricity Eliminator, Dessiccator, EMI Shielding Panel for Monitor etc. Head Office/Factory/Technical Laboratory 55-1, Nam San-Ri, Pangsung-Eup, PyongTaek-City, KyungKi-Do, 451-800, KOREA Tel) +82-333-691-0100 / Fax)82-333-691-0322
  • Static Solutions Inc - Manufacturer of ESD, static control, and clean room products. Have facilities in Marlboro, Massachusetts, USA and Hollyhill, Cork, Ireland. Distributors worldwide 508-480-0700
  • UTP - ESD Flooring, Conductive Flooring, ESD Tile, Anti-Static Carpet.
  • Central Corporation - The complete range of ESD protection supplies including ST-Poly, a clean, transparent, conductive polymer which may be applied to APET sheets for thermoforming, and almost any plastic component or
  • Fluoro Mechanic - Vacuum Wands, Vacuum Pumps, Wafer Tweezers, Wafer Aligners, Tubing, etc. Tools for 300mm wafers also available.
  • Forbo-Giubiasco SA - ColoRex static control floor coverings with excellent mechanical features and full repairability. ESD characteristics are constant and permanent. Low outgassing, carbon contamination has never been detected.
  • HMC Electronics - HMC Electronics is the preferred national distributor of supplies used in electronic design, assembly, test and repair.
  • Lighthouse Worldwide Solutions - Lighthouse Monitoring System is a completely automated contamination monitoring system that works with sensors from all major vendors and allows connectivity throughout the facility. Lighthouse provides monitoring systems, sensors, service, installation, consulting and calibration.
  • oreworld - A specialized trade co, in China, it exports refratory bricks, thermal insulating materials, minerals, Chinaware, coke, raw materials of ceramic, activated carbon, special cement.

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